Halfway Point

Today was my halfway point. I’m halfway through a huge piece of work with a lot of time invested in preparing for it, and I’ve had tons of help and motivation along the way. Motivation is a big part in reaching your goals. For me, it’s taking away time for thinking, without taking my eyes off of what I’m working on. Also, I have lots of trouble avoiding boredom- so I tend to suck on a jolly rancher or chew a piece of gum to keep me going. Most of all, God is my motivation, inspiration, and validation ( validation meaning that he confirms what I’m doing is going to pay off ). I chose Psalm 11:1 which says, ” In the LORD put your trust.” I chose this because it tells us that whatever happens, is meant to happen; if we don’t meet our goal, it wasn’t meant to be met. Who’s to say we can’t try again? Please leave a comment telling me what you do to stay motivated! (Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say- maybe I’ll get a new idea to try! 😋)


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