Ugh, having an alarm can be very tedious. Either it can make you mad if you put it on the opposite side of the room to make sure you’re awake, or you can put right beside you and have it be ineffective. Either way, alarms can make you very annoyed and overtired. I’m not saying this is for all people though because you may be someone who has no trouble with alarms and find them very “serviable”, which means helpful in French. Sometimes, the Word of God can be like an alarm for us. It may give us a wakeup call when we need to change something we’re doing, or it may be something we try to ignore but can’t. Just like an alarm, it can also be “turned off” in a sense. Once you obey what He is telling you, you won’t need the constant reminder because there would be no reason for it, but, it won’t go away- no matter how hard you try to block it out- until you solve the problem. there is a very simple solution to this; you just need to turn the alarm off and wake up to give God honor and praise.


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