All Things Come To An End

That statement could not be put into any better format than it is. All things come to an end. Your favorite food comes to an end, your favorite tv series comes to an end, even life itself will one day come to an end. You may thing I’m being contradictory with myself when i say all things come to an end and then say that God’s love doesn’t. But, when you think a little harder, would you really think of His love as a thing? Food is a thing. A tv show is a thing. Life can be considered a thing simply because you can’t have it forever- thus enforcing the theory that God’s love is NOT a thing because it DOESN’T end. Although this may be a little hard for us to comprehend, because our minds cannot process something that doesn’t have an end, it’s very basic knowledge about our LORD Jesus Christ. Agree or disagree? comment!!!


2 thoughts on “All Things Come To An End

  1. Amen! Thank goodness that God and His love NEVER end! Good encouraging words in our temporary world. ❤️💚💜💙💛 you and this!

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