Family ♡

Family. You love them. Everywhere you turn, they’re there. To catch you. To push you. No matter what, they’ll always be there for you. Being close to your family is a very important key in life. Family can’t be bought. It has no price. Sacrificing what you want just to make them happy will benefit you in unknown ways. If there’s one thing I learned on my spring break, it’s that some of the most important thing in life aren’t things. A family’s love is one of the most important ones. Family doesn’t mean blood. DNA means nothing. Jesus is the center of what makes a family- a family. Were a family in Him. We are sons and daughters of Christ, making us brothers and sisters. That bond cannot be broken or torn apart. We may be weak but His spirit is strong in us. Our flesh may fail, but God NEVER will. I love my family. I sat at the table tonight looking around thinking about the things that bother me. I’m gonna miss fighting with my siblings. I’m gonna miss family game nights. I’m gonna miss the things that do and don’t bug me. I’m gonna miss it all.


2 thoughts on “Family ♡

  1. ❤️💙💜💚 this…our family would be so lost without you….you are so aware and perceptive and WISE….beyond your years. I love you Scooter 😻

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