Lately I’ve decided to begin practicing my piano and guitar more. I thought that since others teach themselves the guitar, it should be easy for me; right? Wrong. I’ve had a difficult time trying to do it on my own. I was feeling very discouraged and I had no motivation at all. A friend of mine then reminded me of one of the great examples of not giving up. Stevie Wonder. If he can play piano beautifully whilst being visually impaired, I can teach myself how to play the guitar. Stevie just has to find the right keys. I just need to find the right methods. After that, I began thinking of other inspirations. Joni Eareckson Tada. Bethany Hamilton. Ben Franklin. They all could’ve easily given up, but they didn’t. Believe in yourself. Pray. Work hard. Don’t give up. Persevere. Trust and put it in God’s hands. For when we are blind, the Lord sees the path were taking and guides us every step of the way- as long as we let Him. He wants to help us but He also wants us to put our trust in and find Him. Once we accept Jesus, the impossible becomes possible. 😄


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