Sure we may have struggles. Sure we may have roadblocks. Sure we may be going through times that seem impossible to get through. But God knows. He knows every little pain, sadness, flaw, doubt, fall, etc that you have every had and He wants to help. No matter how angry you may get at God, He’ll always love you and be there for you. The one thing we don’t get as a part of our human nature, is that God doesn’t always do what we want. Instead, He does what’s right. It may seem like the worst possible solution in our eyes but in His, it will teach us a far greater lesson than what we want. Sometimes it does end up to be how we want because that’s what God wants. But if it doesn’t, don’t be discouraged. Also, the only way that we’ll learn these lessons is by actually listening and waiting for God. It’s not going to just be a walk in the park to hear Him if you don’t try. Keep trying because you can do it! 😄


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