A New Beginning

  1. Hey guys. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been pretty busy with life lately. So just a quick sum up of what’s been going on… around late March early April I started to get some stomach pain and that was really bugging me. I didn’t know what it was so I just put it off to the side and I didn’t do anything, thinking it’d go away. A month went by and I was in pain everyday so we went to the doctors. Through the process of many medications, blood tests, an MRE, two ultrasounds, and an endoscopy along with many, many doctors visits. I didn’t understand how this was possible- why couldn’t they figure out what was wrong? Here’s the kick to it: stomach pain is my worst fear. It scares me like nothing else on earth and that’s the thing that I come down with. I started to question everything: God, my faith, my trust in others, and even myself. Why weren’t anyone able to find what was wrong with me turned into of course this would happen to me, nobody will be able to figure it out. While having these struggles, I dealt with a lot of family issues that really got me down along with this. So here I am today, sitting in a doctors offices preparing to hear what I’ve heard the past 7 months: I don’t know what’s wrong. I was so anxious to hear what they thought that I couldn’t even eat this morning. As I sat and talked more with this new doctor, he told me what he thought I had. POTS. It’s a heart condition that can possibly send the wrong signals and cause many symptom, including stomach pain. This came as a shock to me because my sister had the same condition and we never thought anything of it because everything seemed to be polar opposite. After hearing this, I started to think of all the things people had said to me. I’ve had so many people who surround me and love me remind me they’re praying for me, even the most obscure and random people. I sat in the car on my drive home crying because I hadn’t realized how much I really have. As a family, we get together with my father’s side of the family for thanksgiving to eat and say what were thankful. I doubted so much that they may figure out another plan for me and I doubted what the people I who love me had said. I finally understand the full extent of “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”. Suddenly, I know what I’m going to say I’m thankful for this thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. 💜❤️💚💙💛 yes…..you are loved and prayed for more than you know here on earth. BUT, you are loved and cared for in ways we as humans can’t fathom by God who knew all along His plan for you. He can and will work in all the situations we face and walks with us, holding us and loving us in all the stuff this temporary earthly life brings. So, yes…thank you, Lord, that you have given this piece of the puzzle to us — now we will continue to trust You in it.

    P.S. We, who love and care for you, are thankful too for this news and even more that God shared you with us ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  2. Sweet Maggie, you are so loved by the Lord & then your earthly family . We love & appreciate you more than you will ever know. You are one special young lady & I can’t wait to see what God has for your future. I am happy that you finally know what is going on with your body. We will not be able to travel to Thanksgiving because Grandpop has some health issues but you will be thought about & prayed for this year more than past years. We send you a bundle of love.❤️❤️💝❤️

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