The Walking Contradiction

I’ve gotten many questions lately about what a “walking contradiction” is and why I call myself one. I’m not exactly sure why I’m making this into a blog post, but here it goes for fun.

I love talking to strangers and meeting new people no matter where I am, yet there’s not a person on the planet that doesn’t scare me. I always feel there’s something going to go wrong around them, never knowing why.

Food is so good, let’s be honest. If I’m really hungry, I eat more than people could expect me to and surprise most. With this being said, I am the COMPLETE opposite of fat and I’m barely hungry half the time.

I’m both an introvert and an extrovert at the same time. I’m always out with people if I have the chance, but if I’m at home I’m by myself listening to music locked away in a quiet, dark room.

Therefore, I’ll stick with being a walking contradiction for now; that’s much easier to explain to people.


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