Finding A Way

Most of the time, we resort to giving up when something doesn’t go the way we wanted it to. We tend to focus on the things we can’t do, instead of the things we can do. Take going on a diet, for example. We rant on and on about all the things we can’t have anymore, instead of talking about all the things we can still have. Joni Eareckson Tada and Bethany Hamilton are two perfect examples of someone finding the things they can do. When Bethany lost her arm, she lost many normal functions we don’t really think about. But, she persisted and can surf just as well as she did before the accident. Joni was paralyzed from the shoulders down, which cut off most abilities that we have. She utilized what she could do, and became an extremely skilled artist by putting the brush in her mouth and painting that way. We look through the perspective of a keyhole- if we don’t look in the perfect shape of that keyhole, all we see is black. We need to start looking in the dark so we can expand our vision.


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