stressed but blessed

As I lay here ready to fall asleep (which is crazy for me to go to bed this early like what? I have things to do right now) I’m looking back at the past few months and the upcoming weeks I have. This September, October, and half of November flew by so fast. Even just 2016 in general has seemed to quickly slip away from me. Especially in the last few months, I’ve been busy up to my neck in school work and life and it seems as though I can never quite seem to find the right balance. As soon as I finish one project ahead of time (which usually doesn’t happen: the procrastination life is the life for me) about 4 more come in for me to do next on top of everything else life has to offer. I’ve been so blessed with the fun I’ve had this year, despite how rough it may have been to get through. I’m thankful to have gotten through this week with multiple tests and quizzes every single day on top of all the other work teachers pile on before break. I’m extremely excited that break is FINALLY here even though I only have one free day. Busy is overwhelming but I’m overwhelmed with happiness. God is so good to give us the busyness to keep our minds occupied, although it seems as though I sometimes feel too occupied for Him. I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend tonight catching up with my girls and talking about Jesus. Most of all right now, I’m thankful for this bed.
Stressed but blessed is my current feeling.


Another Quote

So I was on Pinterest (yet again) today and I saw a quote that made me think. It says “only grow thoughts in your brain that you wouldn’t mind putting in a vase”. I like the quote to begin with, because I love plants. But thinking about it brought me back to sitting in my 7th grade Bible class and being told to do things as if God were sitting next to me. If He was there, we wouldn’t be doing half the things we do or saying half the things we say. I like this because it’s true. God is always next to us, even though we can’t see Him.

You Did Your Best

I found a quote some time ago and just now it really made me start to think about why I kept it in my phone. The quote is between two people talking, and it states:

“What’s the most important thing you’ve done this year?”, and the second person replied with the words, “I survived”.

You did your best. If your best is going one day without eating that chocolate you know you shouldn’t be, spending an hour without biting your nails, or being able to say you haven’t cut yourself since Monday, then you should be proud. If your best is being drug-free for a whole year, exercising for an hour everyday, or following your eating limitations every single day, then you should be proud. Whether your best is or isn’t someone else’s best means nothing. Our standards should never be based on another person because no two people are the same. There’s no issue with the situation if you know you’re doing your best, but if you can, always strive to. Don’t overdo yourself, but show your issues who’s the boss and you’ll see just how strong you really are.

ps. I still reaaaaalllyyyy love you.

By Your Side

We all have to know by now that Maggie is a Tenth Avenue North fangirl. Seeing them in concert a few months back was such an amazing experience and I can’t even describe how great they are. There’s no need for studio editing their voices (that’s the statement I’m going with because I cannot seem to word very well tonight), because they’re naturally extremely gifted. So anyways enough rambling and onto the actual meaning of this post…

“Why are you striving these days, why are you still trying to earn grace, why are you crying, let me lift up your face, just don’t turn away”. Okay, woah. I’m never sure where to even begin with how I’d explain that because it could mean a million new, different things every time you read it. We’re striving to be the best when, let’s be honest, why does that actually matter? If we are who we are and that’s what we stick with then how can there be a best? Best. Adjective. A word I’d call pointless if it weren’t in our bovine dictionaries. He wants us to give our lives for Him, yet we turn our faces away from the very thing we need.

“Why are you looking for love, why are you still searching, as if I’m not enough, to where will you go child, tell me where will you run, to where will you run”. We look in this world for things that we think can sustain ourselves and we try to thrive off of other people; whether it means we use their attention or we build our thrones out of the people we stepped on to get there. If God isn’t enough what is? We run to the easiest thing that seems to help us like drugs or hurting ourselves, but if you honestly think about it, what good has ever come from them? There’s no Earthly thing we can run to that will sustain us like God, and he’s the easiest thing to hold onto.

“Cause I’ll be by your side whenever you fall, in the dead of night whenever you call, and please don’t fight these hands that are holding you, my hands are holding you”. He will never leave us nor will He turn us away if we’re broken. He wants us because we’re broken so He can show us how He can break our shackles.

Sorry for the long post, I was feeling a little bit of a longer one tonight and I needed to reassure two people who means so much to me that I’m not giving up on God or them.

And for the little lady out there (and you know who you are) that I talked to about hurting yourself tonight, this post was created for you ma petite amour.

I Was Dying

This is the name of my current favorite quote. I spend a good portion of my time searching quotes and writing them down. tumblr_nevttl71wm1r5vd4bo1_500

There’s the quote. This one really hit me hard because it truly describes how so many feel sometimes. I feel this way sometimes. We shouldn’t want to rush through life because it is the little moments that we hate now that were going to miss the most. Make the most of life. Enjoy the little things. Don’t be afraid to move on in life, but don’t waste your time where you are right now.

Life is a Book

So lately I’ve been into reading a lot of quotes of the internet and I would come across a few that I like so I would screenshot them. There were a few that really struck me hard and made me realize that life may not always go as we hope it will. I saw one that said “some people that we think are going to be thought out the whole book (book meaning life) are only going to be there for a chapter or two.” This got me thinking about how true this really is and how it can apply to anything really. We never know what will come and go, but the things that stay are going to be the ones that we never realized. God has a different plan made for every single one of us so we need to stop trying to create one on our own.


Words. They are powerful in many ways. They can build people up, but also tear them down. But words from the people you lve the most have the biggest impact on you. Others may not realize but just a simple prayer for someone and a reminder that you love them can make a persons day! A close friend said to me today that words can move mountains, and that’s so true. Remember next time you say something to someone: will it hurt them or make them happy?

Matthew 5:16

This is such an inspiring verse! I love the way it talks about how they don’t need to glorify us for our good works, but that they need to glorify Him through our words. I encourage anyone who hasn’t read this verse to read it and keep it on a little sticky note to remind us to be humble and to let Him and Him only shine through it. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

There’s Gonna Be Brighter Days

I was in the car today and it was raining. I was scrolling through my playlist and I go to the song Move by MercyMe. I thought that it was the perfect song for today! It says, “…I’m not about to give up, because I heard You say, there’s gonna be brighter day…” Since it was gloomy out today and it seemed to talk about brightening the day, it just reminded me of the perfect song! Whenever you’re going through a rough time, just know that God is there- shine or rain, thick and thin, cold or warm. He will never ever EVER leave our sides. By the way, I’m excited to see that we got the first snow this season today!!! 🙂

1 Corinthians 15:10

I’d like to start a new thing where people comment Bible verses on any random post I have and I will create a post about them. I will start us off with one of my personal favorite verses- 1 Corinthians 15:10. This verse states, “By the grace of God I am what I am.” I use this verse as a verse to live by because I feel like it can really give us a lot of self-confidence. No matter what you look like, God looks on the inside. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about the well-being of your body because the Bible also states that your body is a temple that you need to keep safe and healthy. There is also a popular song called “Words” and it really speaks to me when it says “…words can build you up, words can tear you down; start a fire in our hearts or put it out…” because that is our human nature. We either build each other up or tear each other down; sometimes we even build each other up just so we can tear them down more destructively. Let’s make a choice today to be constructive, not destructive! You’re beautiful!