I have two updates that I’m really excited to talk about with you guys…

Update #1: Your girl is getting baptized on April 23rd! It’s a really big step for me and I’m extremely happy about it but also a little nervous at the same time but I’m sure everything will go fine. Instead of giving my speech up in the baptismal font, they had us all make videos and I think I’ll like that more than having to cry up there even more, but while I was making the video I was not loving the amount of awkward I poured into it.

Update #2: I have been working on creating this “new” blog (new to you, definitely not me) for quite some time. I’m getting older and time is moving by so quickly and it’s time to start preparing for my future. I’m almost positive about many of the details that God has in store for the rest of my life including colleges, classes, and jobs (that is, unless God decides to take all of that and mix it all up). I started this blog as something to do in my spare time but never thought I would actually try to make something out of it, but here I am! Now, onto the more exciting part of what all of this actually entails…


  1. A new blog. It will be a mixture of lifestyle, beauty, food, fashion, and even more types of blogging. There are a few types that I will focus more on than others but that all depends on what kind of content people are looking for. I want to take the things I learn along the way that are useful for me and share them with you! Along with the kind of blogging anyone would be looking for, of course this blog will spill over into that. I want Jesus to find His way into everything I can fit Him into- which is everything.
  2. A photography outlet. As a profession, photography is the dream job that I’d like to spend my whole life doing. I’ll take you along the way with me so you can be there to watch me grow into the person I aspire to be. I have to start somewhere small so why not here?
  3. A ministry. Like I said, I want Jesus to pour through the cracks in my work that I can’t fill otherwise and hold it all together!
  4. Writing. I don’t want to be giving out too many details about this, but I have some great things in the works with writing. I love all types of writing, as you probably already know, so I’m working on different styles and trying new things out so I can make content for any and every eye to view.
  5. Social media. This is another area that I don’t want to release too much information out in either. Since I’m just starting out, my social media platforms will be starting out small as well. I plan to create more platforms as I go on different social medias like YouTube, Instagram, etc etc.

Life is a Book

So lately I’ve been into reading a lot of quotes of the internet and I would come across a few that I like so I would screenshot them. There were a few that really struck me hard and made me realize that life may not always go as we hope it will. I saw one that said “some people that we think are going to be thought out the whole book (book meaning life) are only going to be there for a chapter or two.” This got me thinking about how true this really is and how it can apply to anything really. We never know what will come and go, but the things that stay are going to be the ones that we never realized. God has a different plan made for every single one of us so we need to stop trying to create one on our own.

Diving In

My favorite genre for novels is mysteries, so when I get ready to start one, it excites me! Before I read it, I can just imagine the different things I’m going read about; some might say I am getting ready to “dive into” my book. If we can get this excited to read a novel,why don’t we get this excited to read the Bible? Well, here’s the answer: we don’t read it like we read novels. When we read other books, we try to find the true meaning in them( at least we do if we like them😋). I’d we just look deeper into the meaning of the Bible, it may turn out to be way more interesting! So, next time you read the Bible, try to look at it from another point of view.