Looking Back

I started this blog after finding inspiration from a relative who loves to blog as well. I see her as someone I look up to and admire the effort she put into her writing. Many say that they start things like this and that they’ll want to go back later and read them because they think it’ll help them take their own advice. I always found that cliche, like it came right out of some hallmark movie (which I’m looking forward to investing my time in this Christmas). But tonight I went back and read some of my posts just to see what I’ve embarrassed myself with on the internet this time. It came to my surprise that I actually have more of an understanding of what I wrote now than I did then, and I can think deeper into the situations I wrote about. I actually got something out of my own writing and I never found that would be possible, but at the same time it’s what I’d hoped for. The last thing that I got out of my work was hope. I see hope as the underlying message of what I’ve written and I’m looking forward to writing more.

I’m hoping to actually get around to writing more but tis the season for school to begin.



I’m not sure where half of my blog posts are even coming from because I find inspiration in the oddest things. Last night I went to a church event and decided to wear something different than usual (sweatshirt and jeans all the way woo). I wore a flannel with jeans and a cute tee and felt pretty accomplished with life, but everything I had on was either dark blue or black. I felt like I needed something with color so I proceeded to wear bright, yellow converse and I was pretty content with my clothing choice. Going forward quite a few hours, this morning after going to church with a close friend, I went to Chipotle and ordered a lovely, colorful food. Little things like color make me happy because I feel accomplished (don’t ask why because I don’t know either). Anywho, I found inspiration to do things in the colors of the days, where do you find yours?


Second post in a row, first time I’ve ever done more than one per day. 🙂

There’s always a tomorrow. If today doesn’t work out how you planned, don’t be sad about it. Use that to fuel your excitement of how great you can make tomorrow. And what happens if tomorrow doesn’t work out? Well, you learned from your mistakes and the next day can be great if you make it great. So hey, why not start making tomorrow great right now?


This past weekend I went on a retreat. I was quite nervous, whether people could notice or not, about having a reaction from my medical issues. I was surprised to find myself feeling sick but not even caring half of the time. I’m big on comfort, so I’m used to stopping something if it means I feel better in any ways at all. Usually if I’m having horrible stomach pain, I stop singing during worship; But, like I said, this time I didn’t seem to care. I had an amazing time hanging with a great group of friends that I love to death. Lately in my life, I haven’t been able to say this very much, but God was definitely there. I have a long way to go but it’s worth, isn’t it?

Shake It Off

A new song called Shake It Off by Taylor Swift has inspired me to create this post! This song is all about being okay with who you are and shaking off anything negative people say about you. I have gone through struggles lately that have been really helped with these lyrics— at least that’s what PEOPLE say… But I’m just gonna shake it off… These help me because what others think is definitely not what everyone thinks and most of the time, not what you think. If you do think that, just remember that God created it and He loves you exactly how you are.


We all know that we have those moments where we think, “Yeah, I’m gonna get fit!” But, we also know that it seems to continually Never happen. I’m not just relating this to being active and fit, but also to exercise your spiritual self, your social self, and your emotional self. That’s a lot of things to maintain- so here are some easy ways to help exercise all those things: physical health- eat right, bike often, and drink more; spiritual health- read the Bible and pray daily; social health- have good friendships and frequent conversations with them; emotional health- if you are feeling burdened, turn to God and leave it to Him…. I know I need to work on these things to, trust me, I have so much to work on! But by looking at the outcome, God motivates me to try again and never quit!

Halfway Point

Today was my halfway point. I’m halfway through a huge piece of work with a lot of time invested in preparing for it, and I’ve had tons of help and motivation along the way. Motivation is a big part in reaching your goals. For me, it’s taking away time for thinking, without taking my eyes off of what I’m working on. Also, I have lots of trouble avoiding boredom- so I tend to suck on a jolly rancher or chew a piece of gum to keep me going. Most of all, God is my motivation, inspiration, and validation ( validation meaning that he confirms what I’m doing is going to pay off ). I chose Psalm 11:1 which says, ” In the LORD put your trust.” I chose this because it tells us that whatever happens, is meant to happen; if we don’t meet our goal, it wasn’t meant to be met. Who’s to say we can’t try again? Please leave a comment telling me what you do to stay motivated! (Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say- maybe I’ll get a new idea to try! 😋)