A few years ago I read The Hiding Place and in all honesty I really didn’t enjoy the book at the time. It was too wordy and detailed for me, and just a little too depressing. But, as per usual, this thanksgiving we went around in a circle and said what we’re thankful for from this past year we had. This past year was by far the hardest year of my life. I was hit with family issues, friend issues, and health issues so basically no matter where I went- I was followed by these struggles. While trying to think of what I was thankful for, this book came back to my mind, and this is why:

In the book, one of the main characters says she’s thankful for the diseased fleas that are biting and killing her and her loved ones as she speaks. Directly after, one of the other main characters describes how confused she is because she has no clue how or why she would be thankful for the very thing that was killing them. Later on, she found out that the fleas were keeping the guards from coming in and killing and torturing them. They managed to escape and help tons and tons of people. The thing that was killing them ended up being a blessing.

Moral of the story: I’m thankful for the burdens God put in my life this year, because without them, I wouldn’t be close to half the people I am today, and I wouldn’t be as strong as I am.


stressed but blessed

As I lay here ready to fall asleep (which is crazy for me to go to bed this early like what? I have things to do right now) I’m looking back at the past few months and the upcoming weeks I have. This September, October, and half of November flew by so fast. Even just 2016 in general has seemed to quickly slip away from me. Especially in the last few months, I’ve been busy up to my neck in school work and life and it seems as though I can never quite seem to find the right balance. As soon as I finish one project ahead of time (which usually doesn’t happen: the procrastination life is the life for me) about 4 more come in for me to do next on top of everything else life has to offer. I’ve been so blessed with the fun I’ve had this year, despite how rough it may have been to get through. I’m thankful to have gotten through this week with multiple tests and quizzes every single day on top of all the other work teachers pile on before break. I’m extremely excited that break is FINALLY here even though I only have one free day. Busy is overwhelming but I’m overwhelmed with happiness. God is so good to give us the busyness to keep our minds occupied, although it seems as though I sometimes feel too occupied for Him. I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend tonight catching up with my girls and talking about Jesus. Most of all right now, I’m thankful for this bed.
Stressed but blessed is my current feeling.

Come To The Well

A common song at our church is called, well, Come To The Well! Yesterday I was paying attention to the lyrics and it just made me feel secure. It says, “…and all who thirst will thirst no more…so leave it all behind, and come to The Well.” These lines just hit me because they’re so powerful! They tell pages and pages of scripture in just a couple words! Let’s all have a group prayer- when you are done reading this post, think of something that has been weighing on your heart lately. Once you have your thoughts together, say out loud:”I’m going to come to the well, so He can help me leave *prayer* behind.”


Prayer. Prayer is the best medicine, because it can heal a broken heart. By using it, God works in mysterious ways; ways that we can’t even imagine. You cannot tell me that prayer was a part of what healed a 4th grader ready to give up and die from cancer( she is back in school and doing much better now! 🙂 ). Prayer can make the biggest problem in your life become a small bump in the road! Have you prayed about it as much as you’ve talked about it?


Today, I was told something that I had never thought of before. About 100 yards from our church, there are probably 100+ people who don’t know Christ. About 1 mile there are probably 1,000+ people who don’t know Christ. About 50 miles there are probably 1,000,000+ people who don’t know Christ. After saying this, I have never brought someone to Christ ( not that I know of 🙂 ). I have had so many chances: the mall, park, streets, stores, beach, and more. I know that is a big thing to do, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but if we give it to the LORD- there is NOTHING we cannot do. So, maybe not the next time we go somewhere it will happen,and maybe not the next place. But, in the sense of sharing Christ, we need to think like we could die tomorrow or die a million years form now.

Pray Hardest

While I was going through a rough time the other day, I just didn’t know what to do. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get it out of my head! I thought of a quote I really love- pray hardest when it’s hardest to pray. I prayed, and even though it didn’t go away right then and there, it gave confidence to know that he is always there. No matter what, the LORD will never leave our side- if we ever feel alone, we aren’t.