You Did Your Best

I found a quote some time ago and just now it really made me start to think about why I kept it in my phone. The quote is between two people talking, and it states:

“What’s the most important thing you’ve done this year?”, and the second person replied with the words, “I survived”.

You did your best. If your best is going one day without eating that chocolate you know you shouldn’t be, spending an hour without biting your nails, or being able to say you haven’t cut yourself since Monday, then you should be proud. If your best is being drug-free for a whole year, exercising for an hour everyday, or following your eating limitations every single day, then you should be proud. Whether your best is or isn’t someone else’s best means nothing. Our standards should never be based on another person because no two people are the same. There’s no issue with the situation if you know you’re doing your best, but if you can, always strive to. Don’t overdo yourself, but show your issues who’s the boss and you’ll see just how strong you really are.

ps. I still reaaaaalllyyyy love you.


Mother’s Day

(Sorry this post is late- better late than never!) Happy Mother’s Day! I wanted to write a note to you for this post, so here it goes-


I love you more than words can describe. You have helped me through every situation, big and small, important or not, and easy or complex. You’ve taught me so much, and you continue to each and every day. Not only have you guided me through physical challenges, but also emotional and spiritual. Most of all, you’ve taught how to be a God’s princess in every step of life- shining for Him and sharing His glory with the world. With this being said, ” I’ll love you forever, like you for always; as long as I’m living, my MOMMY you’ll be.” Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

Love Always,


awesome Mother’s Day quote- If mothers were flowers, you’d be the one I’d pick.


Prayer. Prayer is the best medicine, because it can heal a broken heart. By using it, God works in mysterious ways; ways that we can’t even imagine. You cannot tell me that prayer was a part of what healed a 4th grader ready to give up and die from cancer( she is back in school and doing much better now! 🙂 ). Prayer can make the biggest problem in your life become a small bump in the road! Have you prayed about it as much as you’ve talked about it?

Hard Work

Lately I have been dealing with many worries and problems. I wasn’t really sure what I should do that may help me, so I prayed. I now remember a quote I saw on the internet- the elevator that led to success was broken, so I took the stairs instead. Life will be hard, and it won’t necessarily be how we want it to, but it will all be worth it in the end. It’s time to persevere and do what we must to serve the LORD!