When God Is Silent

This past weekend I had the chance to go on a retreat and, for starters, get really close with some great people. The purpose of this post is the message I liked the most, though. It was “when God is silent”. The whole topic made me start thinking about how I actually react when God is silent. I’m not quick to seek Him out and find Him in situations. I’m quick to do quite the opposite by finding everything I feel that I can’t see Him in (which is 100% wrong to begin with but that’s another story). When God is silent, so am I. I don’t seek to talk to Him or even think about Him, I seek quick fixes and wallow in my sadness. I want to challenge myself to be as loud as God can be (not possible but that’s why it’s the goal😉) when He is being silent in my life. I’m not asking for answers, I’m asking to see Him in the situation.



Probably all of you know about this story, but for the few who don’t, here it goes. There was (is) a man who is amazing at walking the tightrope. He asked the crowd if they thought he could walk the tightrope with a wheelbarrow with a person in it, and all of these people started cheering him on because they knew he could do it. Then, he asked for volunteers for who would go in the wheelbarrow, and the crowd went silent. Our faith in Jesus Christ can sometimes be like this story. We may say we believe it and sometimes mean in a little, but to we fully mean it?