disconnect to reconnect

Half of break is over and I’m really not even sure how that’s possible. We spend thanksgiving in New York with relatives and we just arrived about 2 or 3 hours ago. They live back in the woods where there isn’t much wifi but there’s so much to see, especially now that everything is covered in snow. I’m not sure why it popped into my head, but the thought of an old youth group lesson I was taught came into my head when my social medias weren’t loading. Disconnect to reconnect. Unplug your phone and appreciate the time you have to spend with others, there’s plenty of free time to be on my phone later.


Snowed In

Today was the first day that we were declared “snowed in”. Nobody left the house unless they were shoveling, and nobody drove since the streets were covered in snow and ice. I was sitting for a good hour contemplating what I was going to do from my list of “when I’m stuck at home”. Of course, I’m always motivated to do it on the days I can’t, and when I finally get the chance, all I do is sit and watch movies. That was too much procrastinating for a day like this, and since I had no work (due to terrible midterms the previous two days), I cleaned out so much space, and found things I’ve been looking for quite some time. Moral of the story? Who knows that’s just how my day went.

There’s Gonna Be Brighter Days

I was in the car today and it was raining. I was scrolling through my playlist and I go to the song Move by MercyMe. I thought that it was the perfect song for today! It says, “…I’m not about to give up, because I heard You say, there’s gonna be brighter day…” Since it was gloomy out today and it seemed to talk about brightening the day, it just reminded me of the perfect song! Whenever you’re going through a rough time, just know that God is there- shine or rain, thick and thin, cold or warm. He will never ever EVER leave our sides. By the way, I’m excited to see that we got the first snow this season today!!! 🙂

All That Snow

By now, we are tired of seeing all this snow fall down! I was talking with a group of people this past week  and one of them said it was so great that it snowed so much. Some of us were confused because all it caused was more work and harm; but by looking past all of those bad things, the LORD has shown us repeatedly through snow how He died on the cross and made us pure ( I love finding the good in every situation ❤ )! If it snows again this season, let it be a reminder of how the LORD works in mysterious ways to show His love for us- the sinners.

Blankets of Snow

All the snow today was so beautiful! Our whole area was blanketed with sheets of pure white snow! It reminded me of God’s pure nature, and how he turned our dark hearts to pure white. This also reminded me of how He covers us up with Himself, filling every crack, crevice, nook, and cranny of our sinful nature with His soft words. Our God is truly an awesome God!