Simple concepts. When we sit in a chair, we (most of the time) trust that it won’t break, even though we really don’t know if it will. When we look up at the sky, we trust that there are stars there, even when we can’t see them. When we think about getting up and getting food, we trust that we’ll be able to move our legs to get us there and that there’ll be food in our kitchen even though there’s a possibility it’s not there. It’s simple, that’s it. We believe these things because we have no reason not to believe it and it’s logical. So, why don’t we believe in God like this? When it comes to something like that, most look at it like its completely different but it’s not. You think it’s true so you believe it, you do the work to act upon it, and you see it’s true. Why is it so hard for people to believe then? Why are people so stubborn to believe in something that only makes our lives better yet it’s so easy to believe that there’s air around us that we can’t see. We’re a stubborn human race and we don’t have a reason to be when there’s a book with every answer possible.


Sometimes, You Have To.

Sometimes, you have to. Sometimes, you have to eat when you’re sick because you know it’ll make you feel worse if you don’t. Sometimes, you have to work even when you feel you’re too tired. Sometimes, you need to end a friendship because it’s more toxic than uplifting. Sometimes, you have to apologize even when you don’t want to.

Sometimes, you have to have faith that things will work out the way God planned, even when it seems impossible.


You have to.

People Do Care

Time to share more memories from this past retreat I went on. 🙂

We had times where we were assigned small groups and that’s when we would share our thoughts on the previous lesson and share prayer requests. When it came around to share what I struggled with lately, and I felt the need to really share what’s on my heart. Being the emotional person I was, of course I was crying. As I shared about the times I felt lonely and like nobody cared about me, quite a few of them cried as well. I sat at a table and saw 9 girls hearts breaking for me and I don’t think I will ever be able to get that image out of my head. Moral of the story: People Do Care.


In your walk with Jesus, you will have doubts. That comes with believing in Him. You could choose to sit around all day thinking about how bad you are and how other people are better Christians, or you look at it like it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to grow closer to God. An opportunity to read your Bible and pray more. An opportunity to create an experience with God. The question isn’t how are you going to deal with it. The question is: what are you going to do about it?


Putting trust in someone is one of the hardest things to do, whether we like it or not. You have to make sure that this person won’t tell anyone (this is pertaining to a secret-type thing) about what you know. Although you may “trust” someone, you must always be skeptic. You may tell them something and start to believe that they won’t tell another, but then a year later here you are sitting there thinking why’d you ever tell them if they had a chance to tell someone else. The good thing is that even though you may not have one single person on this Earth that you can trust, the LORD will never fail you. Now, of coarse you don’t have tell Him because He already knows, but there is no way that God will ever tell someone something about you. Now, don’t take this for granted. I’m not saying He won’t convict you to tell someone else if it’s something they need to know, but God can’t spill a secret. Just remember to always put your trust in God, and He will never forsake you. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!


Do you ever feel like you could stand up or do something, but when you do it you lose all confidence? You may feel like your going to mess up or fail; maybe you feel like you might do something out of the blue that makes you look idiotic. Well, failure isn’t real! This is actually very simple to understand- George Washington tried 200 different possible ways to create glasses, at first, and he did not succeed. BUT, he also didn’t fail. He figured out 200 whole new ways on how to NOT make glasses. ( maybe some of you have seen that saying before in National Treasure 🙂 ). Next time you go to do something and you’re lacking confidence, boost your self-esteem with prayer, faith, and this blog post!

Reaching Goals

I am very excited and confident about my new goals I’m setting! I think I could really reach all of them if I am determined and trusting in God throughout my whole journey. He has helped me lately to realize that I can reach my goals if I really put my mind to it; so this year is going to be different, in a good way. As long as we trust in Jesus, we can accomplish amazing things( think about Ben Carson 🙂 ).